Chris Pretty Rock Climbing/Mountaineering Instructor

Rock Climbing/Mountaineering Instructor
and International Mountain Leader

Winter navigation in Scotland
Winter navigation in Scotland
Matching the map to the view in Cornwall.
Matching the map to the view in Cornwall.

I am a member of the Association of Mountaineering InstructorsNavigation

Being a great climber or a winter hills expert is ok but if you can't find your way to the route or even worse, off it, your life will immediately become a little bit too interesting.

During this weekend we will look at all the skills required to use a map and a compass accurately (based on the MTE ML syllabus). By the end you will be competent, and confident, enough to venture onto the hills in conditions you previously might shy away from. This opens the most fantastic opportunities to get on the hills and see the mountains as they really are, not just on the best weather days.

If you are going for Summer or Winter ML Assessment or Training this is a good weekend to brush up and focus your skills.

Cost £120 per person (3/4 people)
£200 per person (1/2 people)
Maximum 4 people
Minimum 1 person
Duration 2 days
The dates are not set so please just e-mail me and we can discuss and agree the date you particularly want. It's nice and easy really.
Gear to bring Map and Compass of the area, Waterproofs, Warm clothing, Lunch and water…..and a camera.
Not included Travel to the crags, accommodation, food.
Included Insurance and instruction
Venues Lake District, Wales, Scotland and Dartmoor